Tackling tough problems

In addition to the ARMS offering and my insurance services I love a really tough problem. Here is a tiny sample of what I've successfully tackled.

Hard problems: risk and otherwiserottweiler-like tenacity

I have an appetite for hard commercial and technical problems and a big appetite for challenges which combine the two.

Sometimes these are easily expressed as risk management challenges. More often they are strategic or operational problems leading to a risk (and probably a likelihood in the layman's sense) that things will turn out worse than hoped. Some examples I've encountered – and conquered:

  • Cost saving. Reduced reliance and expenditure on third party software to derive mortality assumptions (while still benefiting from its insights!)
  • Speed and insight. Reduced run time for operational risk capital simulations so that drivers could be investigated (reduced from 1 hour to sub-1 second).
  • Technology magic. Construction of a new business process database from 400,000 pdfs, in conjunction with my team. (*)

(*) Update as at 16 April 2016. Two days ago I was at an insurance seminar. Quite out of the blue a former colleague mentioned how impressed he was that we solved the 400K challenge. I take real pride in how some of my work still resonates 10-15 years after it was delivered. Contact me for demonstrations of this.

I tackle these challenges with determination and enthusiasm. If you have tough mental work that's hard to do in a typical office environment then talk to me.

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