Analytics, risk management, modelling, software

I am Andrew Howe, a qualified actuary with more than 20 years' commercial experience, in and beyond the traditional actuarial fields of insurance and pensions. Areas of expertise include analytics, risk management, modelling and development of decision support software. More on each of these services.

Why hire me?

I have an appetite for hard commercial and technical challenges, which I tackle with determination and enthusiasm. If you lack time or bench strength talk to me. In addition to my ARMS offering, I also offer specific insurance expertise: pricing, product and proposition development, underwriting, ORSA and more.

Key themes

  • High-level or hands-on: I can do tough, high level conceptual and strategic work, but am also very willing to get my hands dirty.
  • A passion for development: building, improving and repairing, not just monitoring and reporting. I am an actuary who proudly builds things.
  • Target outcomes: typically higher volumes, saved time and increased profitability. My default risk management stance is value-focused.

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ARMS: efficient, effective and value-focused

  • Analytics: No hype: practical and robust work in this field since 2002.
  • Risk management. Value beyond regulation and compliance – see the quote below.
  • Modelling. Better risk and performance from statistical, projection and decision models.
  • Software: Excel / VBA / database / web e.g. Excel to online risk register in 24 hours.
There are three major business applications of risk management:
loss reduction, uncertainty management and performance optimisation. The combination of all three is enterprise risk management.James Lam – the world’s first Chief Risk Officer

Risk management: three series

  • Better : doing risk management efficiently and effectively.
  • Helpful : risk management can be more than a policeman.
  • Risk registers : common flaws and how to deal with them.

Data science: a personal journey

Join me as I build bench strength. Starting with Excel, VBA and business intelligence I journey through data wrangling to predictive analytics and unsupervised learning. Plus a cunning way to think about big data. No Hadoop required!

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